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Session Management (12 Steps):

  1. The session portal can be found by clicking on the session name on the left side of the screen. You will find your sessions under active or under archived sessions. All sessions stay in active until you choose to move them to archived.

    Sessions that are completed (all signers have signed) are marked with a green checkmark.
  2. Edit session – allows you go back to the edit pages to adjust or insert new signing locations. Note that once a document has been signed you are not able to add a textbox or strikeout. You can still place new initial, signature or date locations.
  3. Add a document – allows you to add additional document(s) for signature to an active session.
  4. Add a signer – allows you to add a new signer to the session
  5. Send for signature – allows you to send to all signers at once, send in a set automated order (see send email document for further instructions) or send individually.
  6. Verified by Velocity – this will be available after signers have signed. This is your audit trail where you can find timestamps of signatures, acceptance of the electronic signing conditions, identification checks (if you are a LIVEsign user) and session information.
  7. Archive session – this simply moves the entire session into the archive section. You can move sessions back at any point.
  8. Select the pencil icon beside a signer’s name to make changes to a signer’s name, email, phone number, LIVEsign/SMS option.

    When you're done editing, change the required fields and select submit.
  9. Remove a document - Select remove beside the document name that you want to delete and follow prompts. *Note you can only remove documents from a session that have not been signed.
  10. View document - You can view any document during the signing process and see its current progress here. Once you select view document you can choose to download it or print it.
  11. To start a LIVEsign session select Start LIVEsign button. For a tutorial on LIVEsign session click here.

Creating a Signing Session (9 Steps):

  1. Click Create New Session from the dashboard or fromt he list on the left side of your screen.
  2. Enter the Session Name. this name will be used to identify the session for future reference.
  3. Click Number of Signers to choose the total amount of people who will be signing the document, including yourself if you are signing as well.
  4. Enter all Signer Information. This includes the signer's full legal name, email address to send links and documents to and the type of signer. If you are a Premium Subscriber with SMS or LIVEsign be sure to select your signing option here. You will be prompted for the signer's phone number for verification.
  5. Choose the type of signer from the dropdown list. These may vary between enterprise users and industry. This will be used for templates and AutoPopulate™ documents to prepare the document for signature. If you are unsure select other.
  6. Select Choose Files – this will prompt to upload the PDF files required for signature. You can select one or multiple files here.
  7. Once files are uploaded you select Submit to create your signing session and move on to marking it up for signature. If you upload an incorrect file you can delete it by clicking the “x” beside the file. You can also select choose files again and upload additional files if you missed any.
  8. After clicking Submit, the platform will check to see if it recognises any of your files from the template database using the AutoRecognise™ feature. If any files are recognised, you will see this screen. Choose the files you want to automatically by clicking on the toggle button to have signature locations placed on the document for you. We recommend toggling all files on to save time here. If you do not see this screen move to step 9.
  9. Your files are ready to be marked for signature. Click prepare documents for signature to begin preparing/reviewing the documents. You will now be taken to the edit document pages. See edit document tutorial for additional information.

Preparing a Document (6 Steps):

  1. In our document preparation section, you can:
    1. Place a signature, initial or date location on the document
    2. Insert a textbox or place a strikeout
    3. View the document list and switch between documents

    If your documents were recognised with the AutoRecognise™ feature they will be ready to send for signature. Review the document to ensure there are no other locations that may need to be signed and then select the mail icon at the top of the page and follow the prompts (Please see #5 send for signature options for additional information).
  2. Signature, Initial or Date Request

    If you would like to place signature, initial or date location on the page select the appropriate option and then select the signer. The mouse will then hover with the location visible and you can simply left click the mouse to place it on the page. (Signature example below)
  3. Place a Strikeout

    Select strikeout and press and hold the left mouse button to draw the line on the page. You can hover over the line and click the “x” to delete it.
  4. Add a Textbox

    Click Add textbox. The mouse will hover a textbox on the screen. Use the left mouse button to place the textbox on the document. You can click inside the box to being typing. You can also left click the box to drag it into place should you need to.
  5. Switch Between Documents

    Click the document name on the left side to switch between documents.
  6. Sending for Signature

    You can select the mail icon in the edit pages to send for signature or, once back in the session portal dashboard you can navigate to the “Active session” and select send for signature.

    1. Send All - send to all signers at once
    2. Individual Send – select the blue send button to the right of the signer’s name – this will send to that specific signer only. You can manually select the other signers at any point. Once sent, the send icon will change to sent.
    3. Send in Order – choose an order that signers will automatically sign in. The system will send to the first signer immediately, notify you once they have completed signing and then send to the next signer in the list.

    All signers will receive a copy of the executed documents once all signers have completed their signing session.

LIVEsign Session (15 Steps):

  1. In order to use LIVEsign you must subscribe to LIVEsign. You can do this in the user profile section.

    Your remaining LIVEsign time is shown on the create a session screen. (For help creating a session see create a session tutorial). We recommend you ensure you have enough time prior to starting a video call. Minutes will be automatically added to ensure you are not cut off for enterprise accounts.
  2. Ensure you have chosen LIVEsign as an option for the signer(s) when creating the session. If you missed this step you can select the pencil icon beside the signer’s name in the session portal and select it here.

    Select the LIVEsign option and enter a phone number for SMS verification.
  3. To start a LIVEsign session select Start LIVEsign button on the session page or the link emailed to you once you completed editing the session.
  4. You will be prompted to configure the session. Here you can re-order the documents to be in a specific order, as well as select who to start the LIVEsign session with. *Note that signers will not be able to sign in until you select Start LIVEsign session button here:

    To reorder simply left click and drag and drop into the correct order. Once configured select Start LIVEsign session.

    Signers will now be able to use their link, request their SMS code and log into the session through the link that was emailed to them. Until they login you will see the waiting for signer’s screen. Your LIVEsign time does not start until you are connected to the next screen.
  5. You are now logged into the live session.
  6. The documents are only able to be viewed after you verify your signer(s). You can skip this step and select proceed without verification if you do not require an identification check. Proceed to step #9 if you select this step.
  7. To verify a signer, you can prompt for them to present identification or face the camera to take a picture. Click request identification.
  8. The signer will be prompted to present appropriate identification and your button will change to capture identification. Once the ID is in clear view select Capture identification.
  9. A Window will then appear with the captured image. You can select Verify signer if it is clear or discard to recapture. Note you can repeat this process to capture identification and face or multiple forms of identification.
  10. Once you have completed verification to your satisfaction you can then select proceed to signing.
  11. You are now in control of the signing process. Your signer will be able to hear you and speak to you. They will only be able to see the screen that you are sharing. We highly recommend a laptop, pc or iPad for signers to be logged in. Mobile signing is possible; however, larger screens are preferred. Use your mouse to scroll through the document.
  12. You can click the left mouse button on any signing location and it will prompt the signer by highlighting that signing location on their screen.
  13. Session progress can be seen at the top of the page. The account holder will see total session progress of all signers, the signers will see their own progress. Once the document is complete you can continue to speak to the signer(s) for as long as you need.
  14. You can move between documents by selecting the arrows at the bottom of the screen.
  15. Once all documents signed all parties will receive an email with the executed documents. The Verified by Velocity™ document will be emailed to the account holder only and is accessible in the session portal.

Linking with CREA WEBForms (5 Steps):

You can easily link your CREA WEBForms® account to your existing Velocity E-Signature™ account in just a few simple steps.
  1. Log in to your CREA WEBForms® account.
  2. In the left sidebar, click the Apps Store icon.

    The Apps Store window opens, displaying several eSignature service provider names. If your account is not yet linked, it will display the option to Link under The Velocity E-Signature™ logo.

    If your Velocity E-Signature™ account is not yet linked, click Link
  3. If not currently logged in, you will be taken to the eSignature provider site, where you will be prompted to login with your current Velocity E-Signature™ account.

    Enter your username and password and click login.

    The system will request you to authorise the connection.

    Click Authorize. The system will automatically link your Velocity E-Signature™ account to Webforms®.
  4. Once connected you will be redirected back to the app store page. Your Velocity E-Signature™ account will appear like this:
  5. Congratulations – you can now send documents directly to your Velocity E-Signature™ account. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial by clicking sign up and following the same steps.

    Do not forget to try out our AutoRecognize™ feature – where your forms are immediately recognized and will autofill all signature, initial and date locations needed based on your signer types, as well as our LIVEsign™ feature where you can have a live video chat with your signers while they are signing!
If you are unable to have your question answered from the tutorials, or are experiencing a technical difficulty, please set up a help ticket here and one of your helpdesk staff will looking into your issue further. Helpdesk hours are from 9am-5pm EST weekdays.