E-Signature platform specifically designed for Canadian Real Estate Professionals

Connect with WebForms and request signatures in a secure cloud environment. Simple, and easy to use for your clients! Our AutoRecognise feature is a game changer! Once linked with WebForms your standard real estate documents will be automatically recognized, and prepped for signatures, initials and dates. It is as simple as Select, Review, Send! It even works with counter offers!

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Signing Features

The Velocity e-signature platform allows you to request signatures, initials and dates from a single signer to multiple signers in a simple to use cloud based platform. PDF edit functions include placing text boxes and strikeouts, allowing for real time changes for faster negotiations.

“Amazing time saver, and money saver! This product is simple to navigate and my clients loved the signing experience!”

Jennifer T. - Realtor


LIVEsign is a live video signing session where a user can guide a client through the entire document and prompt where to sign, with full screen control, all in a live stream! Users can request and capture identification and fully verify a signer. before entering the signing session.

“What a game changer! Having the ability to walk my clients through the contract in a live video chat has completely changed how I run my day to day meetings and has significantly increased my profits.”

Matthew B - Lawyer

Leave a Comment

Leave comments for signers to view when signing specific locations that no one else but that individual signer sees. All comments are documented in our audit trail to the exact location being signed. Great for striking out a paragraph or making a change to a contract to ensure your signer is aware of the change!

“The comment function is a wonderful addition! The ability to leave a note for my signer to ensure they are fully informed and consenting to any changes I have made has been extremely helpful.”

Theresa Z. - Realtor


Our AutoPoplulate™ feature places all signature, initial and date locations on organization templates saving users time and minimizing the risk of missing a signing location. It is as simple as Select, Review, Send!

“AutoPoplulate™ has been a time saver and ensures accuracy on all of my companies forms! No more marking up the documents with all of my signing requests. I can even have my assistant prepare the whole thing!”

Bradley M. - Lawyer